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Heavenly Earth

Heaven & Earth. That is what you see here, in a pale Sunset -or is it indeed in SunRISE?

Now it's time for us do decide what we will put into this picture of our own Future, 'coz that's what this is all about! Our own Future. And we "paint" it on Life's Canvas with what we DECIDE we want to be/come in our lives... each of us, individually and hence also collectively.

As you are reading these words, you can discern the Paradise Flowers in the outer Periferie, of the pic. reminding us that we can dream about Paradise on Earth, if we so choose.

How do we do it? By listening to our own Common Sense and following our Inner promptings, regardless "how much they go against by the Mainstream's "Accepted NORM" !.... To hell with that! If we don't "throw" it there, it will take US there!....'coz that's its "home"

In Everyday Lingo, Inner Promptings are called "PRIORITIES" . When you notice that your Priorities in Life are changing , pay careful attention...and FOLLOW THEM, regardless how "off the wall" they seem. As long as they are Life supportive/protecting/promoting, without judgement to anyone because of family, race, creed and such and supporting also all of Nature, in short what is called "Sustainable Life/style. Then you're on the right track!

Just remember that "The Last Enemy to overcome is Death" acc. to 1 Corinthians . And the ones before that are ALLKINDS of destructive elements like corruption, poverty, struggle , illness, phony monetary system and taxes!

It would be cool if you wrote me an e-mail where you describe how Paradise on Earth looks like in your mind. Those resonating closest to my Paradise, I will post here. ( I choose this kind of censoring, so that people won't just be "spoofing"). To do such things is much more serious, than we often tend to understand! )My goal here and hopefully all my readers' as well is to creat a Better World for ALL.

Whatever we decide to envision we will have -eventually!



This Web-site changes form day to day, almost, but it all happens -mostly- on the page called 'New Writings' . I hope you will be back often and get some inspiration from what is said there!


Let there be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with me -every 'Me' ! : ) ....and remember ; all the Arms we need are the ones we can use to hug eachother


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