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December 3rd. Saturday.

Hello dear Friends, December alredy! Oh, time flies, eh? Last time I think, I talked about timelessnes. I believe that in order to get to ever "deeper" timelessnes, Humans need to start following their Inner Promtings -about all kinds of Changes.

Many humans don't like changes. But KNOW that we all are -by the Western Culture- trained to not like changes. Indeed we are taught to be afraid of changes! Many reasons to that, but all boiling down to making YOU as predictable and loyal, WORKHORSE / SLAVE as ever possible for someone, who needs nothing but SECURITY into THEIR lives in order to NOT having to be afraid of death!!!... At least they can PRETEND that death is not so big of a threat!.... but they themselves cannot alone keep it at bay! That's why they need support from others: the more Others, the better!!!.... the more their survival is -if not guaranteed, but at least- secured. And so far you've done it ignorantly willingy.

Yet you've been feeling drained , taken advantage of, burning of an un-defined Inner desire to "Do It Your Own Way" like the Song tells you: " .......Iiiii did It Myyyyy Wayyyyy"! Well, that would be to follow your own Inner Promptings -even when they go 180 degrees against the Social NORM!...

YOUR OWN Life ALWAYS DOES - IF you follow your Heart!!!

This goes for all of us. Every single one!... ALL SIX BILLION have our OWN BLUEPRINT to follow!

When we follow that Blueprint, that is when LIFE starts "really happening" for us; with ever-growing synchronicity and just wonders falling into our lap!.. Sure, there will be challenges, but they pale compared to the Positive Un-expected Things that keep coming our way.

For us all to find the end of this "thread", we need to learn the Power if "NO" . I would like you to start learning to KNOW "NO" NOW!!!

Learn to say: "Thanks, but No thanks". And know that this is HUGE!



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