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It's time for us all to start truly realize that we all were born DIVINE and born to be -and remain- free. I believe that Women are the ones who now need to take charge and give birth to a New Kind of Humankind. If we don't do it, Humankind will perish all toghether - by our own destructive Hand!.... IT IS NOW OR NEVER!!!


We all need to start wondering /acknowledgeing in what ways does The PATRIARCHAL SYSTEM limit us from being just that; Divine?



On this site I / we will discuss Immortality. Physical Immortality.

It is NOT about some airy fairy After-Death-we-go-to-Heaven-thing or becoming "Immortal" by having a Library built in some nice All American Hood, in our name!.... No!... This is for real! If this is "too far out", then, think again! If that doesn't help, READ my BOOK : "Born Divine... Then What Happened? ( or just follow my Daily -or so- Chat here! )

There is only ONE kind of immortality, and that is physical!..... all the rest of the Talk about immortality is just rhetorics and esoteric BS!

WHAT are people most afraid of? You got it, babe: dying. Most of us humans are willing to pay millions just to extend our life with just one hour -if given a chance -and the cash..... because we are so brainwashed to believe that MONEY equals LIFE and we are so totally brainwashed to think that we HAVE to die, no matter how wrong it feels!

Humans have orchestrated a society / living CONDITION, where money buys living opportunities for those with money. The more money, the more living opportunity one has!... "YOU give me Life(-energy) and I give you these legal tenders" ( seashells, sticks, goldbars, pieces of paper -whatever we have agreed upon to represent money = Life energy ) in exchange, eh?" But, stop for a moment, do these things really give YOU -back-any of that Life energy you gave away? I wonder....

What do people and animals -even mosquitos and fleas, abhore most? That's right: dying! I could go n'on!... but you got the drift, eh? Ever wondered why that is?

Before Humankind start openly to talk about this very fact, there will NO solution to the destruction we're heading towards -by our own makings!.... We WILL annihilate ourselves -and the Planet, most likely, as well!

I talk about the "How" and the "Why" you've been INTENTIONALLY MISLEAD and brainwashed to see Death as an INTEGRAL part of CREATION -"made /by GOD" !!!.... Just know IT IS NOT. Dying is mandatory ONLY within certain vibrational levels and 100% un-done in frequenices above those particular levels/fields.

Let me say it again: It is NOT an Integral Part of GOD'S Creation, but 100 % MAN-MADE ( just like Money and Taxes ) then FORCED by HUMANS UPON ALL OF NATURE ! ( This is one of the BIG Issues that I talk extensively about in my book; this is part of the How and Why: because SOME people who didn't understand this Living Forever thing so they NEEDED victims to psychicly drain of Life energy!!!... and they still do it to this day!... In fact, they do it more today than ever before! You see and hear these guys daily on TV News!.... None mentioned, but none fogotten! )

Life Itself isn't this complicated at all. Quite the opposite; Life is very straightforward and simple, but doesn't necessarily mean it is as easy ( to apply ) as it is simple!.... well, you just MIGHT have to read my book to understand what Life is all about... You might have the surprice of your Life coming your way: YOU MIGHT HAVE HAD THESE SAME OBSERVATIONS but didn't draw them to their Natural -final- conclusion, which is by some Observers / Authors called "THE SEDUCTION of THE SPIRIT" and who knows, you might just be one of us, having thougt these thoughts and when given that last little push in the right direction, you might just come to the same conclusion that we came to: how and why LIFE EVERLASTING -with /in your Body n'All is the ONLY way LIFE /GOD has ever created ANY Living Thing. EVER! )

Once you see the Seduction, it will change you and your life forever.... no bones 'bout it! It's all coming out of the Closet now!..... thanks to the "Net"!!!.... Don't you just love it?!


This is a good place to start for YOU to be able to allow yourself to be your own "you" again, and the more you learn about it, the MORE 'YOU' you can be/come again!!!....

We should always stick only to our own Truth, which is to say: Be true to our feelings as well as take Risks, without doing harm. But we also need to understand that; there is no growth without risk. Pay attention to your Body. Our Body never lies! Breathe and focus on your internal process. Be alive and in touch.

OWN your thoughts, words, actions, deeds, behaviours, experiences and choices. ALL these things creates FEELINGS!.... Stay in the Here-and-Now. Make “I” Statements, putting less blame on others .

Avoid the use of generalizations, like; "everyone does that" - we all feel that way. If we don’t like what’s happening, in our Life, we should do something about it. ASAP , of course!... : )

We all need to accept to be accountable for our actions, deeds, behaviour and feelings, including our emotions. To the extent that we do this, can we access our God-given ABILITIES to RESPOND ( Response-Ability ) to LIFE in HARMONY / "SYNCH" with LIFE. This is the ONLY way to stop being / living at other people's mercy or worce yet; at the mercy of their moods and whims! ....or "a victim of circumstances"...

And for everyone of us, it is the same truth: we have to acknowledge that ONLY by assuming / "owning" the negative consequencies will we be ABLE to take our POWER BACK and say "NO" , "HELL, NO" the next time we see the s... coming at us again.

But NOW we have put ourselves in a place where we can CHOOSE DIFFERENT!... the ONLY way to fly, so to speak.... Before this is done, we will never be able to choose anything better for us!


: )


It's not in what you get, but in what you do, choose and give ( back ) to Life - Mother Earth / Nature included, that your true colors are revealed.


Thursday, Sept 08 -05

Now that I got your attention, : ) we can continue exploring Life.

We talked about Physical Immortality. Meant for our flesh. True. But it is NOT a GOAL in itself and it is NOT available AS such! But it IS available to ALL -all the time and has always been!.... - to anybody, who fulfills the REQUIREMENTS in living one's life in a certain way. And that way is NOT the Establishment's / the Mainstream's way! I am pretty sure we can all agree on that, eh?

Do you have anything to ask or comment at this stage? If so, send an e-mail!

I will continue going deeper into this tomorrow. Til then. Follow Your Heart ( your own sense of Self and Heart and Joy feelings )


Friday, Sept 09 -05

So, the important thing to understand that PHYSICAL IMMORTALTIY is a CONSQUENCE and the REAL ISSUE at hand is that life is /was made / will ALWAYS be made AS Life Everlasting!...

And the second thing to understand is that your BODY IS FIFTY percent of YOU!!!.... In fact: it IS the 'PHYSICAL' Manifestation of ALL that is YOU!!!

So, now we have established the FACT that so called ( sc. ) Physical Immortality really isn't about physical immortality as much as it is about LIFE LASTING FOREVER!!!!!!..... Have you heard people talking about the importance of living in the Here and Now?

Remember Eckart Tolle's book; "The Power of Now" ? That Power cannot be emphasized enough and should certainly not be underestimated!.... we do so only to our own demise!...

Also, remember when you were a kid, or if you have young enough kids around you today, WATCH them- : To Kids everything is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW !!!!.... untill they / we all, as we grow older, eventually cave in and accept the Adult's World where we all learn a different reality....away from the one we all had with us in our Birtday Gift Package that Life gave us at our Birth.... BTW: Everyone was handed such a Package!....

In these five lines above here, there's more TRUTH than all the Presidential Libraries -or Univeristy Libraries, for that matter, combined!....

HERE within these lines lies the Secret to Life Everlasting! Here and Now is the same as TIMELESSNESS!!!!..... Timelessness is as real and ever available reality as is "the Time-zone"

We can all reach timelesness IF we know how and what to do... We need to look at the MAP again!

We all have walked this very road already once: AWAY FROM our own TIMELESNESS, remember?!?... This is the decending path as opposite to the ascending path. Today in sc. Spiritual Circles no word is more fashionable than "ascension" yet very few truly know what they even mean with it -let alone WHAT CONSTITUTES the ascending path! They all just talk about the Ascension as an Event!.... never really describing WHAT SORT OF EVENT IT REALLY IS / WILL BE! But at least all this TALK about "Ascension" has brought to our attention -and THAT alone is of major importance because we need / can use the familiarity. Ascension isn't an "Event" at all. It is more like a Spot / Place within our /Awareness and in our consciousness. From that Spot starts the "Path Back Home" . Both this Spot/Place and the STEPS on this Path ( back Home ) are very strict/ly given/ and cannot be sidestepped!.. Thank Goodness, all we need to do is RE-TRACE our own Path "BACKWARDS" as it were!... The problem is that so many of us havre forgotten the steps we took out from our own Center. . But the steps are all there and WE DO HAVEwe do have access to them at all times. Once we become aware of this we will re-member them once again! I know this to be the TRUTH, because I have re-membered them! In fact, I never forgot them, but I denied myself to follow / use them -for the sake of fitting into The Box = my own PRISON-cell, handed to me by the sc. establishment!

I'm not the only one to have started to brake out from the PRISON; "The Box".- and as I do so, for every step I recognize myself a little bit more again! I'm actually becoming familiar to myself again!.... The way I known- myself to REALLY be -if allowed to be/remain un-ADULTerated ( = made corrupt, debased, impure, by addition of a foreign or inferior substance!!!.....OK, so this is the definition in CHEMISTRY of some substance that has been 'adulterated' /modified from better to less 'better' but with deception of being as high quality and pure as the original substance. Now... the leap into seing a correlation to -and applying- this same kind of manipulation to our PSYCHE/OLOGY is not all that far-fetched!

Now we can -and should- ponder a little about the use of the word ADULT which (also)has been given the meaning of "mature"...?!?!?!?!?.... NO WONDER IT NEVER FELT RIGHT TO BE "ADULT"....It wasn't! It NEVER was right to begin with!

As more and more of us, Every-day-people, learn to see the corruption /evil done to them, it will not be a huge step at all for these people to start doing what I've done: RE-claim them-/our-/selves.

HOW will this all affect Life on Earth / us???... Hmmmmm. Well, one thing is for sure: it WILL!!!... Sooo... this will be one of the Things we'll be talking about the next few days! But for now; gotta go right now. But I'll be back very soon. I promise! : )

Sunday, Sept 16 -05

Yahh, had a long brake here....

Very first I need to tell you that I am NOT teaching anybody anything at all. I'm only SHARING my Understanding of Life as it is at this point in/of my Life. If something I say rings true to you, then take note of it. If something doesn't ring true to you, then just skip it!

Remember : YOU are ALWAYS in charge of your Life, in one way or the other even when it is by default!... wich, of course, is not a good place to be in!.... So it stands to reason that the more consciously you choose to be in charge, the better for YOU! That is always true for all of us!

Oct.18 -05

Long brake again.... well, sometimes we have to think a little, before we can barge forward again. On this site


you find the new stuff that has shown up in my life to learn more about. So very happy I ran into this site!

I was talking about Timelessness. Time is, as I see it, the "distance" between an idea we want to manifest and its actual menifestation. The more efficient we get in manifesting things, the "faster" time goes! This, of course, is one of the great secrets to live in Here & Now.... ( but there are more secrets to it, but this is enough for right now).

Once we live fully in the "here & now" we live in timelessness, which is just another word for ETERNITY!!! Living Life Eternal!... THIS is ONE of the secrets of Immortality ( which is always physical, remember? *!* ) So, really immortality in itself is not the point at all, like I already stated, but living Life Eternal/Everlasting Life; THAT is the point!

People -in ever greater numbers, will start walking this very Path -evermore people will find and feel at home with this Understanding and thus will start walking this Cosmic Path to Life Everlasting.

Are you interested? Send an e-mail to me!



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