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Happy New Year everyone!

Let's make this year better -as in more enlightened- than any of the previous years has been, what do you say? The first step in doing that, is -as far as I see it, to acknowledge the fact that ALL "Religions" are nothing but PSYCHOLOGY, localized, conformed to a given Culture, long time ago -and outlived its benevolence by some few hundred years -if not thousands!

ALL Psychology is Archetype-al and acts very much like radio frequencies: each station has its own frequency and broadcasts its own KIND of program! That is exactly what makes a Genius a genius and a Crook a crook; the genius-frequency, resp. crook- frequency, a Sage comes from the sage - frequency! etc etc. It can't be any easier -and more ingenius- than this, can it? This is how it is possible for us to recognize a bully in ANY country, within any culture, because the Human psyche is given!... and responds according to the frequency people's Psyche demands and hence broadcasts. So, the thing to do, is find out what causes these 'demands'. That is what I will be exploring this month.


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